99 Balloons:: Haiti, July 2017

Jul 1-31, 2017

Participants will be supporting 99 Balloons’ Global Partners in Haiti.  In addition to experiencing the story of disability in Haiti, team members will provide special education training for local educators, direct care for kids with disabilities, and therapy training/equipping for parents and workers.  The team will be working at a school that serves over 500 students and recently launched a special education program for kids experiencing disability, as well as a pediatric therapy program and counseling services for children and families. 

Dates and prices are not final

Our typical trip length is 1-2 weeks and prices range from $1500-$3,000

More information to come...

Apply Here:: https://99b.wufoo.com/forms/trip-application/ 


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Trip Type: Health

Region: North America

Location: Haiti