In 2008 Becca Wall and Rachael Delph were students at the University of Arkansas and they were also volunteers at the first rEcess in Fayetteville AR.  Upon graduating from college, they both ended up in Dallas, Texas and were a part of Watermark Church.  Not long after this, these 2 gals began talking with 99 Balloons about starting a rEcess program at their church in Dallas.

Today, Watermark Church in Dallas has served families experiencing disability in their community through rEcess for 5 years.  On average, each month they have about 65 volunteers serving and providing respite for 20 families.  

The rEcess leadership team at Watermark was connected with an individual who is a big part of the Perot Museum of Nature and Science, located in downtown Dallas.  When they pursued the possibility of using the Perot Museum for one of their rEcess nights, they found out they would be able to come at no cost, thanks to a Watermark family generously making this possible.

So, on Friday, April 14th, Watermark Church held their rEcess night at the Perot Museum of Nature and Science!!  Many staff members from the museum heard about the evening and actually stayed to volunteer with rEcess.  This allowed the kids attending rEcess to do many different experiments and activities.  Kids got to touch and play with anything and everything in the museum, with no lines and no overwhelming crowds.


Some parents had never been to the museum before, so they decided to stay and join in on the fun!  Other parents took advantage of being in downtown Dallas and got all dressed up for a kid-free night on the town…a VERY rare and special occurrence for rEcess parents!