Stories of Change

The Benners Family

We were at an emotional breaking point by the time we went to our first rEcess night.   Autism was the new word in our home, meltdowns were frequent, communication with our son was a challenge, and navigating a rigorous therapy schedule was exhausting.  It was our new normal, and it was overwhelming and eating us alive.

Our church family introduced us to rEcess, and we were shocked that someone WANTED to take on all 3 of our children, including our son who wasn’t the easiest one to handle.  When we arrived every single one of our children had a special buddy assigned to them. To see the joy on their faces knowing that someone was excited to see them and play with them gave us such peace.

My husband and I were able to go share a meal together, uninterrupted.   That time for us became a glimmer of hope in the midst of absolute chaos. It was a time where we could connect, look into each other’s eyes, and remind each other that “we will get through this.” Sometimes we would go watch a movie (and fall asleep!)….and other times we were able to process the unique needs of our son and how that impacted our family and encourage each other through that.  

 rEcess has been a place where ALL of my children feel special. It is a safe place where my girls can connect with others and realize that other families are on similar journeys. They have learned compassion and how to be a friend. My children choose rEcess over birthday parties and weekends at Grandma’s because they love it so much!

It’s incredible to have a place to go where my children feel so loved and cared for and walk away encouraged.  They are loved for who they are, and they are reminded that God’s love knows no bounds. We are so grateful for the rEcess ministry!

The Benners Family – Dallas, TX