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I wanted to provide you with a heads up on some exciting news. I will be moving out of the Executive Director role with 99 Balloons. I will continue to serve on the  Board of Directors and look forward to serving in a larger role with storytelling and connecting with donors.

I wanted to be sure to clear up any questions that can crop up in times of transition:

#1  Nothing is wrong.  This move is coming at a point in time when 99 Balloons has never been healthier; in fact, this is why we believe it is the right time to make this move. Our staff is incredible, our focus is clear and our work with individuals experiencing disability is both broad and deep. We are compelled to continue the expansion of our mission and vision to change the story of disability, and I, as well as our board, believe it is time to allow me to focus my work within my gift set and bring someone in to help us continue our trajectory of growth.

#2 I am not leaving. Ginny and I are committed to the work and organization of 99 Balloons for life. I will be around, I will be on the board and I will be focusing my continued efforts on vision, connecting and storytelling. This move stems from a desire to see 99 Balloons do more, not less. I am excited to enter in to the next phase of dreaming how we can take the work and heart of 99 Balloons to an even bigger audience and to provide relationships and love to even more persons with disability around the world.

#3 We still need you. 99 Balloons has become the most beautiful community we have ever been a part of. You have been instrumental in the creation of that community and we need you in this next phase to stay with us, pray with us and bring others on board with you. We love you and we need you in this next season as we seek to grow the influence and work we so believe in. Our Board of Directors is unified in this decision with me and also invites your participation with us in this direction.

If you have any questions or maybe a suggestion for our new executive director, please let me know!! Thank you for being on this adventure with us, I want to invite you on the next leg of the journey and I wanted you to know the same message we are taking to our friends with disability all around the world:

You are loved.

Just as you are.

And you are welcome in this community.




Matt Mooney