99 Balloons is looking for 10 completely awesome folks to become “fellows”::


September – November (2019 fall semester)

4-6 hours per week: includes studying disability, serving local families and individuals with disability as well as assistance with the administrative work of 99 Balloons.

A majority of the fellowship is focused on weekly meetings to help equip Fellows with practical information centered around disability, building relationships, and furthering the ministry of 99 Balloons.

February – April (2020 spring semester; optional)

This second semester of the fellowship is optional and will be decided upon at the end of the first semester.

In the second semester the Fellows take on a greater role of responsibility in our local programming as well as playing an integral role in our annual Engage Conference.


99 Balloons offers an internship for 2-3 people looking to help change the story of disability::


September 2019 – May 2020

10-15 hours per week: includes the same opportunities as the Fellowship with more of a focus on learning about the inner-workings of operating a non-profit. Interns will work closely with 99 Balloons staff to help carry out many of our local and global programming needs. 

It is preferred, but not required, that interns have previously taken part in the 99 Balloons fellowship.