Changing the Story of Disability

Building inclusive communities so that every person with a disability and their family can live a full life within relationships.

Our Mission:  Building inclusive communities so that every person with a disability and their family can live a full life within relationships.

There is a place for everyone to join our movement to build inclusive communities. Whether it is facilitating meaningful friendships with adults, providing respite care for families, sharing valuable therapy skills with our global partners or investing in the education of children experiencing disability globally, we’d love for you to partner with us to change the story of disability.

Children and adults gather around a small kiddy pool of water playing and smiling.

Building Inclusive Communities

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Our Work

99 Balloons is changing the story of disability through training, awareness, programming and investment opportunities that allow for everyone to get involved in the story.

The work of 99 Balloons began with rEcess, our flagship respite program for families experiencing disability. It has grown into a turnkey program that is being used across the US and in Canada and Australia.

Our work has expanded to include programs for adults, conferences and online training, a documentary series, sponsorships to provide education for children experiencing disability globally, and training trips for our global partners.

Why We Exist

A simple story from our bEfriend community of shared lives, shared stories, and shared joy.

About Us

99 balloons refers to what was released at the funeral of Eliot Mooney- each balloon representing a day he spent on this earth.

In 2007, 99 Balloons was founded from this story to serve as a non-profit umbrella organization in order to fulfill this vision. rEcess was the first 99 Balloon’s initiative. The capitalized “E” in rEcess is no mistake. The Mooneys were on the receiving end of much help and assistance from others that enabled them to better care for Eliot, and that is what this night is all about- serving families in ways that help them better care for their children.

Today, 99 Balloons has grown to become an organization that helps others engage persons with disability globally.

How We Are Changing The Story of Disability

Looking for a rEcess?

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Check out our site map to see if there is a rEcess site near you. If not, we’d love to help you get a respite night started.

Our Team

Get to know the faces behind 99 Balloons.

Ginny Mooney

Executive Director, Co-Founder

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Sarah Coffey

Programs Director

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