Notable Documentary Series

Our documentary series, Notable, chronicles the plight of disability in other countries in order to raise awareness and share stories that have long been silenced.

Notable:  Uganda

A documentary revealing the hope and beauty found in the lives of three individuals living with disability in a country where they are often marginalized.

Notable:  Central Asia

A documentary highlighting the plight of people experiencing disability in Central Asia.

Changing the Story Globally

Host a Notable Film Screening and help to change the story of disability across the globe.

Interested in Hosting a Notable Film Screening?

1. Select a Date and Time

Consider your community and audience. When will people in your community be available? Are there any other events taking place that day/week?

2. Select a Venue

Think through how many people you believe will attend and choose your venue accordingly. Ensure your venue and parking options are accessible to people with disabilities.

3. Register Screening Location

Once you have a date and venue set, submit the form below and we’ll follow up with next steps.

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Global Educational Programs

We are changing the story globally by creating opportunities for children with disabilities to be included in school or an appropriate educational environment.