Stories of Change

Josh Fohner

In 2019 we received a grant to help improve the lives of families experiencing disability in Northwest Arkansas. Local partners were asked to submit applications for families in need of assistance. Through the grant, 99 Balloons helped provide families with speech devices, bathroom remodels, wheelchairs, a week of camp, and in one instance, a quadricycle.

Pictured above is Josh who was in a bike crash a few years ago. During the crash, he was critically injured and his life was changed in an instant. He uses a wheelchair full-time and had just begun to use a device to communicate. He has made immense progress over the past few years. 

The quad has brought Josh a new form of therapy as well as returned his sense of adventure. He and his dad are training to ride from Arkansas to Colorado in the summer of 2020. The quad has enabled him to, once again, be included in the adventure community he loves. 

Josh Fohner – Springdale, Arkansas