Stories of Change

Tara Rainey – Dallas, Texas

rEcess has been such a blessing to our whole family! When we had twins with a birth diagnosis of Down Syndrome for one of them, a friend informed me of rEcess, and shortly after, we signed our boys up. It was such a blessing that first night because my husband and I got a night out. We have been at almost every rEcess event since.

Our boys absolutely love going to “buddy church” as we lovingly call it at our house. They look forward to going all month long, asking almost every weekend if its time for buddy church. The people that greet us know our family by name, and every single volunteer with our kids has been amazing! They are so friendly, and the kids always leave talking about how much fun they had. We have the same “buddies” every month for some of our kids, and the relationship that has formed has been so sweet…

There have been weeks where my husband and I were stressed out over caring for our kids at home, and honestly, not exactly wanting to plan a night out together. Because we have rEcess on our calendar every month, it gets us out together, even after a stressful week. This has done so much good for our marriage.

We are so incredibly thankful for all the people involved in rEcess, and the impact it has had on our family. 

-Tara Rainey – Dallas, TX